iCoach is our new chronograph application for the iPhone. It is great for coaches and trainers alike, as well as individual athletes!

Feature List

  • Virtually unlimited lap times!
  • Accuracy to the millisecond (compared with other stopwatches that are accurate only to the hundredth of a second).
  • Stopwatch remembers it was running if the application is interrupted (i.e., for a phone call, text message, or if you press the home key)!
  • Lap times show both the time for the lap and the total elapsed time through the end of the lap.

Add the convenience of a smart stopwatch to the iPhone or iPod Touch you're already carrying with you!

Future Features

  • Keep track of your best times, both  by the lap and by the heat, automatically.
  • Store details about each event type (100m, 200m, etc.).
  • Countdown timer.
  • Built-in pedometer.
  • Programmable timer for alternating between activities while training (i.e., walk a few minutes, then run a few minutes).