3 Dogs and a Cat Software Loses One of Its Namesakes

APPLE VALLEY, MN -- 3 Dogs and a Cat Software is saddened to report that one if its namesake dogs, Storm, a 7 and a half year old blue merle collie, passed away peacefully this afternoon. Two weeks ago he stopped eating his kibble and started drinking excessive amounts of water (along with the associated accidents every morning). After trying to feed him ground beef and rice, he lost interest in that last Friday at which point we took him in to the vet.  The blood work showed a high calcium level, which is associated with either a form of cancer or hyperparathyroidism. We'd been hopeful for the latter because the symptoms were all consistent with that while different symptoms correspond to different location malignancies and they all came on so suddenly. Alas, the bloodwork was negative on that and since we'd been force feeding him for the past two days decided that the only thing we'd be doing was causing unnecessary suffering.