WithholdingCalc 1.2012.2 is available in the App Store

We would like to announce the availability of WithholdingCalc 1.2012.2. This is the first release containing tax rate updates for 2012. We are closely monitoring the situation in the US Congress regarding the payroll tax cut extension and will make an update available if and when an agreement is reached. In the meantime, the calculations have reverted to 6.2% from 4.2%.In addition, this update contains 2012 tax rates for the following states: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Idaho, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey,  New Mexico, North Caroline, North Dakota, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, and Vermont, as well as preliminary calculations for 2012 federal taxes.Also, with this new version, WithholdingCalc has become a universal application, running at full screen on an iPad.Finally, we've got some new and exciting features planned for after the first of the year. We're still working out exact details, but the biggest feature planned is one for independent contractors who also have regular employment and can alter their withholding forms to have their payroll taxes cover their taxes due to the contract work (we're not targetting this towards exclusive independent contractors since you'll be paying estimated taxes based on other formulas).